Monday, August 24, 2009

だけに・as one would expect; so (naturally); because - phrase

A phrase that carries the idea "as one would expect".

Vinf だけに・教えている/教えていただけに
Adj(i)inf  だけに・若い/若かった だけに
Adj(na)stem だけに・上手な/上手だった だけに
N だけに・先生・せんせいだった だけに

Bill used to be a football player and, as one would expect, he runs fast.

Mr White lived a long time in Japan, so naturally he is very familiar with things related to Japan.

He used to be an announcer, soo naturally his voice carries well.

S1 だけに S2 is used when S2 is something that can be expected from S1 where S1 represents a fact.

The adverb さすが sometimes occurs with だけに. This adverb indicates that the speaker is impressed by what S2 represents. Note S2 must be something impressive, so use with an unimpressive S2 is ungrammatical. さすが appears in S1 before or after the topic.


Related expressions

だっけあって is synonymous with だけに when they are used to meean "as one would expect". However だっけあった cannot be used when S2 represents something undesireable or when the whole sentence is about a negative expecation.

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