Tuesday, May 5, 2009

~得る・~得ない  ~うる・~えない ...can


Vうる means "that can be done, that is possible" Vえない means something that cannot be done or which is impossible. Note that this form is not used to indicate something that is impossible because of lack of ability. Also note two dictionary forms - positive form us うる・得る while negative form is えない・得ない

Vます, drop ます and add 得る

This is the best method I can think of to make this job succeed.

This accidend was something that could not have been foreseen.

This is a great business that could not have been without him.

As this accident is something that could happen at any time, you need to take a great deal of care.

That he was at the site of this incident is something that just couldnt be.

I exhausted all the ways I could think about, but didnt reach a solution to the problem.

I searched as much as I could search but could not find those documents.

If I am able to do it, I would like to be independent and start a business.

I think you can't meet danger on a mountain as low as this.

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